Medha Kute Deputy Tehsildar and Shama Anuse appointed as room officer
Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vipin Sharma praised

C in Maharashtra Public Service Commission exam. D. Of Deshmukh Administrative Training Institute Medha Kute Deputy Tehsildar and Shama Anuse appointed as room officer

Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vipin Sharma praised Thane 03: Two students of Chintamanrao Deshmukh Administrative Institute of Thane Municipal Corporation have achieved top success in the competitive examination of State Service 2020 by Maharashtra Public Service Commission. Miss you. Megha Vilas Kute's Deputy Tehsildar and Ms. Shama Ganpat Anuse has been elected as room officer. Municipal Corporation Commissioner Dr. appreciated these two students. Vipin Sharma, Additional Commissioner 1 Sandeep Malvi has been done and wishing him all the best for the journey ahead.

Chintamanrao Deshmukh Administrative Training Institute run by Thane Municipal Corporation is a leading institute which provides free guidance to students appearing for exams conducted by Central Public Service Commission and other attached exams. Also, Thane Municipal Corporation is the only municipal corporation in the country to run such a system of administrative training institute.

State Service 2020 competitive exam was conducted by Maharashtra Public Service Commission. The final result of this exam was announced on 30 May 2022. Ms. from Chintamanrao Administrative Training Institute in this exam. Megha Vilas Kute and Ms. Shama Ganpat Anuse students have achieved success with perseverance, hard work and also benefited from the guidance provided by the organization. At this time, both the students made Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vipin Sharma, Additional Commissioner 1 Sandeep Malvi, Director of the organization Mahadev Jagtap and all the officers, staff.




Optional Subjects: History, Public Administration

"It is important to be purposeful while preparing for the Civil Services Examination. In each of my attempts I tried to improve on my shortcomings. I could clear the exam only because of self-analysis and perseverance. I believed in myself and planned my studies well. I practiced in different ways like discussions and writing tests. C.D.Deshmukh Institute has provided very good support and helped me be a part of the circle of fellow aspirants, something very essential if you want to prepare for civil services examination."


Optional Subjects: Sociology, Marathi Literature

"Building a career in the civil services requires a genuine passion to see 'a better India'. Our country needs honest & imaginative officers today more than ever. I always held Mr.C.D.Deshmukh as my ideal and tried to inculcate the best of 'Officer-Like Qualities' in me. For me, studying for such competitive examinations itself has been 'personality development'. I would say this experience has built my character too. It feels exhilarating to have passed one of the toughest examinations in the world. It has taken extreme patience, enthusiasm & competitive spirit to reach here. I sincerely hope to see more dedicated and dashing youngsters entering these challenging services. Difficulties exist to be surmounted!"


Optional Subjects: History, Political Science

"C D Deshmukh Institute played a crucial role in my success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. It provided me a platform where I got the right mixture of theoretical guidance from the faculty and practical guidance from my seniors. The "healthy atmosphere" in the Institute enabled free flow of knowledge and information among the students. All this helped me gain competitive edge in this exam. This was especially important for a candidate like me who had not taken any formal coaching elsewhere. I thank Prof. Pendse and Prof. Bal for their support and my seniors Ms Ujjwala Bhagwat, Mr Shailendra Mishra and Ms Pooja Tillu for their valuable guidance. My Best Wishes to the Institute in its monumental work of producing efficient Civil Servants."


Optional Subjects: History, Public Administration

"The experience of preparing for the Civil Services has not only made me develop a longing for knowledge but also made me socially aware. For me, it was discovering my own ability to overcome difficulties and surprise myself. Even though I struggled very hard to pass this exam, I think I have also improved as a person in these years. It was only in C. D. Deshmukh Institute that I found an amazing company of helpful seniors who not only shared their knowledge freely but also encouraged me constantly. The professors and the staff of the Institute have supported all of us like a family. I thank C.D.Deshmukh Institute for making available its resources to me and giving me a push in my efforts."


Optional Subjects : Geography, Agriculture

"CD Institute has played important role in our journey to the success. My optional subjects are Agriculture n Geography; and the directors of the institute have thrown great support which encouraged me to not only take such a non-popular and risky combination of optional but to be successful with very first attempt. Teachers have provided us various magazines and books for additional reading. This has been proved beneficial in writing mains answers. Institute has provided liberal use of internet, which is very important for updates in general studies and even for optional subjects like the one I had. Above all, institute gave me opportunity to use the resources available with them and provided me the space to explore my ideas to develop my own material for mains."


Currently in Indian Foreign Service

"I started my preparation in C.D.Deshmukh Institute and was benefited by the lectures conducted here. The group formed in C.D.Deshmukh Institute was very helpful in case of discussion on a particular topic to have the perspectives from all the angles. Regular reading of the newspapers helped me a lot. I used the data on current affairs in every possible answer including that of optional subjects. My strong point was that I was able to keep myself cool in every stressful situation which an aspirant faces. Don't lose the patience, believe in yourself and the success will be yours...All the Best!!!"


Dr Mahesh Dale Selected through Reserved 2009
Joseph Rodrigues Selected through Reserved 2009
Niteen Yeola Indian Foreign Service 2009
Dhananjay Mali Allied Services 2009
Anita Singh Allied Services 2009
Amit Bhole Allied Services 2009
Sayyam Joshi Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) 2008
Sanket Kale Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise) 2008
Sarika Shah Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise) 2008
Dr Shailendra Mishra Indian Police Service 2008
Pooja Tillu Indian Foreign Service 2008
Madhav Deshmukh Allied Services 2008
Omkar Marathe Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise) 2008
Ujjawala Bhagwat Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise) 2007
Vishwas Munde Indian Revenue Service 2007
Abhijit Saptarshi Indian Police Service 2007
Poonam Guha Indian Administrative Service 2007
Ajay Dhoke Allied Services 2006
Omkar Marathe Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise) 2006
Shivdeep Lande Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Excise 2005
Ashvini Joshi Indian Administrative Service 2005
Shravan Hardikar Indian Administrative Service 2004
Ajit Joshi Indian Administrative Service 2002
Nitin Jawale Indian Administrative Service 2002
Ravindra Shishve Indian Police Service 2001
Tejaswini Patil Indian Foreign Service 2001
Prashant Lokhande Indian Administrative Service 2000
Harish Gaikwad Indian Engineering Service 1997
Hemant Koli Indian Engineering Service 1997
Deepak Ripote Indian Revenue Service 1994
Ajay Vaidya Indian Revenue Service 1993
Vinayak Apte Indian Police Service 1993
K. Pradip Kumar Indian Police Service 1992
Milind Mhaiskar Indian Administrative Service 1992
Jitendra Acharya Indian Engineering Service 1990
Verma Ajit Kumar Aditya Indian Revenue Service 1989
Manjoor Dutt Indian Revenue Service 1989